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Weddings and Groups

We at Suits U Menswear and Tailors pride ourselves in helping many customers plan and select their wedding suits, tuxedos, and other clothing choices in a very successful manner. It’s never too early to plan for yours and your groomsmen’s wedding attire. We recommend that you make your decision at least four to six months in advance depending on your wedding group size.

For instance, it takes good organization for us to achieve smooth fulfillment of dressing around ten to fifteen groomsmen in most weddings, all dressed in the same suit and different sizes, as well as the groom. Our well established system helps us manage this for you in a very successful way. Due to that, we at Suits U appreciate the high referral rates we receive from people that we’ve helped with dressing all their groomsmen over the years.

When you consider Suits U Menswear and Tailors for your wedding clothing needs, we will explore with you all the options available to fulfill your objectives. You will also appreciate our hands-on efforts to perfect the fit of your clothing for your special day.

We look forward to your visit and serving your wedding group, no matter whether it is large or small. We can assist you in designing the custom suit or tuxedo of your dreams, or we can guide you through choosing one of our many readily available pre-made in-stock options.   

Our Goal at Suits U is to Ensure that you will have Peace of Mind when Preparing for your Special Day

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